For Chukkas or Polo Lessons.

1. Wooden Horse Indoor or Outdoor Barrel Practice
(1 hour with polo instructor)
Baht 1,600/ USD$ 45
2. Trekking (Trail Rides) or Swimming with horses
(maximum 30 minutes per horse with supervision)
Baht 3,000/ USD$ 85
3. Polo Lesson
(theory & practice/maximum 30 minutes per session)
Baht 4,500/ USD$130
4. Polo Riding Package
(Including first 8 sessions of polo riding and 4 last sessions of stick and ball)
Baht 40,000/ USD$1150
5. Chukkas Baht 6,000/chukka
USD$ 180/chukka
6. Polo lesson / Chukka Session package:
(One Session denotes either one Chukka or Polo lesson, one horse per session only)
(Riding & Polo lessons are maximum 30 minutes per horse per session)
(Chukkas are maximum 7 minutes per horse per chukkas)
6.1 Twelve session package Baht 60,000/ USD$ 1,720
6.2 Twenty four session package
Include: 10% discount on Lodge rooms for players only.
Baht 108,000/ USD$ 3,080
6.3 Fifty session package
Include: 15% discount on Lodge rooms for players only.
One round trip airport transfer
Baht 200,000/ USD$ 5,700


Please note:

Riders should provide their own riding gear
Rental of mallets, helmets and boots are available @ Baht 500 / USD$ 15/each/day
All activities require advance booking, through the Polo Escape office and subject to availability. 
To ensure the well being of our horses, Polo Escape has the right to refuse any rider with body weight above 90 kilos

Polo Escape reserves the right to adjust rates at its own discretion.